Friday, December 17, 2010

The Spreading Web

The spidering cracks
Shooting across
Hard clay pan
Webbing across
Silence and flax

The spreading cracks
Like roots
Like breaks

The spreading cracks
As in porcelain
Into tiny boxes
As glass into
Myriad fragments

The spidering cracks
Like laces of blood
Tying back
Tying out
Into its webs
To the first decibel

The spidering webs
Flesh in its chains
To back and to back
To side to side
Until all is one, is one

The spidering cracks
The spreading web
Into webs of webs
Spreading into
The shimmer of all
The tremble of everything

The spidering spread
Of web into web
Into ever
Into all
The encompass
Of all direction
The embrace of all continuous

Into flood
Of the sap popping
In fire
The rocks, paper, and scissors
Of consciousness

The cracks spreading
Until the paper
Rows in fire
Until the rocks
Sail to cloud
Until the steel
Scissors to the earth

The spidering cracks
Web, crack, and spider
Fly of the spark
Spark of the fly
Destruction of remover to remain

Birth of the builder
To build
Spreading cracks
The ink on air
Spreading webs
The words into fire
Spreading webs
The earth into earth
Water, the water