Friday, January 28, 2011


There’s a picture of me
Pushing myself up—
A toddler almost walking—
Against the canvas side
Of a mobile home.

That is me,
Remains me,
Holding to
What moves
Only a little,
Life like a
Trailer park,
Nothing firm in sight.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ludendorff, Perhaps

Ludendorff, perhaps
I should apologize
That I think of you

More as a cough
Drop than a mover
Of millions. More

As the light word
“ludicrous” than
A master of millions;

I apologize, for you
Were only a suffering
Being like the rest,

Needing therapy after
Murdering millions.
Yes, OK, I

Apologize. For what
Are any of us but
The ludicrous hats

We wear? You there,
Only a suffering . . .

Like the rest.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Covenant with All That Is

I pledge to follow
The earth’s gentle curve
As I go;

I pledge to breathe only air as I am able;
I pledge to breathe often;

I pledge to eat of the earth;
Nothing other shall pass my lips.

I pledge to wend along the ways,
Trodding earth, never air,
Clouds and sun above,
What rocks are there under foot.

I pledge to see as best I can in bright sun;
I pledge to squint as I am able in dark;

I pledge to remain
Upright at times
When I am able;

To lie prone when the need arises.

I pledge to find flames hot;
To find snow cold;
To find water according to its fashion;

I pledge to love as best I can;
To hate sparingly;
To mock seldom;
To judge not;
To jump to few conclusions;
To subscribe to few illusions.

I pledge to be
As I am able
And to cease
As the rules require.